Carbon Active Filter

Carbon Pleated Filter

These carbon pleated filters are designed for the control of intermittent odor problems. Carbon pleated filters remove a wide range of odors and common indoor air pollutants. Constructed with a water resistant board and pleated media to provide the maximum effective area, Carbon pleated filters are suitable for use in light duty commercial applications.
The carbon pleated filter is well suited for use where molecular contaminant concentrations are low and/ or intermittent.
The carbon pleated filters are well suited for use in air make-up and re-circulation applications in office buildings, hospitals, airports, food courts, and manufacturing facilities.
Features and Characteristics
  • Low pressure drop
  • Little or no dusting
  • Disposable, easy to use, low service cost
  • Effective gas phase filtration in a compact design
  • Fits all standard front access frames and side access housings
  • Excellent gas phase filter for intermittent gas applications
  • Excellent filter to determine if carbon filters will remove the odor
  • Recommend pressure drop
    2″ deep filter: 0.22″ w.g. at 1.3 m/s
    4″ deep filter: 0.24″ w.g. at 2.6 m/s