HEPA Room Side Replaceable Filters

HEPA Room Side Replaceable Filters for Ducted Filter Modules

Designed for being applied in the cleanroom partitions, light weight ceiling, TEE-Bar, etc. The room side replaceable module is an ideal terminal filter hood for pharmaceutical and biotech cleanrooms.
 Cost & energy saving
 High humidity resistance
 Interlock design on gasketing to secure the airflow without leaking
 Easy to assemble with the continuous bead collar
✔ Easy for the indoor installation without removing the housing
✔ Light weight design
✔ Also available in non-standard sizes
Frame:Extruded aluminum
Media: Glass fiber
H10 (EN 1822) / MERV 16 (ASHRAE 52.2)
MPPS:≥85% / DOP: ≥95%@0.3 μm
H11 (EN 1822) / MERV 16 (ASHRAE 52.2)
MPPS:≥95% / DOP: ≥99.9%@0.3 μm
H13 (EN 1822) / MERV 17-18 (ASHRAE 52.2)
MPPS: ≥99.95% / DOP: ≥99.99%@0.3 μm
H14 (EN 1822) / MERV 19 (ASHRAE 52.2)
MPPS: ≥99.995% / DOP: ≥99.999%@0.3 μm
Separator: Hot melt
Sealant: Polyurethane (PU)
Flame Retardant Grade: UL900
Max. Temperature: ≦ 70°C
Max. Humidity: ≦ 100% RH
Rec. Final Pressure Drop: ≦ 500Pa