The Guardian Air QR

Total Indoor Air
Purification System

The Guardian Air QR+ in-duct air purifier utilises RGF’s proprietary PHI-CELL® technology. Installed into the supply plenum of your existing air conditioning or heating system air ducts, the Guardian Air QR+ in-duct air purifier produces low-level, airborne hydrogen peroxide molecules that are distributed by the air handler, through the duct system, and into the conditioned space. Unlike passive air
technologies, which need pollutants to pass through the unit for purification or filtration, the Guardian Air QR+ in-duct air purifier sweeps through the air conditioned space actively purifying pollutants at the source.

Photohydroionisation® (PHI) is an active air treatment technology. Active air treatment is the process of reducing air and surface contaminants by recreating safe, natural levels of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in occupied areas.
RGF’s patented PHI-CELL® technology combines a photocatalytic process and a multi-wavelength UV source to create active air purification. The combination of UV-C light and a hydrated quadmetallic catalyst drives a reaction that produces low level, airborne H2O2. RGF’s PHI-CELL® air treatment systems are operating safely in over four million installations globally.